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ANSYS add-in


SpaceClaim and ANSYS provide a combined solution that you can use to simplify CAD models for analysis. With this add-in, you can send a model that was imported or created in SpaceClaim to ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS DesignClosed Modeler, or any other integrated ANSYS products. The geometry is sent into ANSYS along with any driving parameters or analysis specific attributes (spot welds, midsurfaces thicknesses, etc) that you have defined. Driving parameters can be edited within ANSYS to run sets of iterative analyses.

The basic process is simple:

  1. Import a CAD model into SpaceClaim.

  2. Simplify and modify the model for analysis.

  3. Define parameters and named selections that you can use in ANSYS.

  4. Send data to ANSYS:

  5. Modify and send data between SpaceClaim and ANSYS, and rerun the tests as often as necessary.

  6. Return the validated design options or recommended changes to the designer when testing is complete.

You can view the following video that demonstrates the process:

SpaceClaim ANSYS integration demonstration

Data you can send to ANSYS

You can transfer the active model to ANSYS, even if it has not been saved. You can also send data from a document that is open in SpaceClaim or from a saved SpaceClaim document.

Only visible objects are sent to ANSYS; hidden objects are not sent.

The following data is transferred to ANSYS:

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