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Repairing gaps


The Gaps tool removes gaps between faces. These gaps are usually found on parts imported from other CAD systems when the native format allows faces to fit together loosely.

This tool only works for edges that are paired. Paired edges are edges that are within the maximum distance along their length or that share an end point and are within the maximum angle you set in the tool’s options. Use the Missing Faces tool if you need to repair a part with edges that are not paired. When a gap is adjacent to a larger hole, this tool only repairs the gap and not the hole.


To remove gaps

  1. Click Gaps in the Solidify group on the Repair tab.

    The tool will automatically detect and highlight gaps in an object, as shown in the image above.

  2. Select the object(s) you want to change:

  3. Set the following options:

  4. Use the controls in the Navigate ribbon group to view each problem one at a time before you fix it.

  5. Click the Complete tool guide.

    SpaceClaim adjusts neighboring faces to remove the highlighted gaps.

Tool guides

The following tool guides help step you through the process:


The Select Problem tool guide is active by default. This tool guide allows you to select problem areas that are automatically found by the tool.

The Select Geometry tool guide allows you to select edges that were not automatically found. Hold Ctrl to select multiple edges or box select in the design area.

The Exclude Problem tool guide allows you to exclude areas from selection and fixing.

The Complete tool guide fills faces between all highlighted edges.


The following options are available in the Options panelClosed:

Maximum angle

The maximum angle between any neighboring edge pairs in the potential missing face edge loop.

Maximum distance

The maximum distance between any pair of edges in the potential missing face edge loop.

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