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Orienting designs


Select a tool from the Orient ribbon group to orient your design in the workspace. You can use these tools at any time, even when you are designing with other 2D or 3D tools.


Drag the middle mouse button to spin, Shift+drag it to pan, and Ctrl+drag it to zoom. You can switch between spinning, panning, and zooming by pressing and holding Ctrl (to zoom) or Shift (to pan). When you release the key, you will return to spinning.

Orient ribbon group

The Orient ribbon group contains the following tools:


Use the Home tool to return the orientation of your design to the default, trimetric view. You can customize the Home viewClosed to show your design with any orientation, location, and zoom level.

Click the Plan View tool to display a head-on view of the sketch grid or the select plane or planar face. Alt+select an edge to orient the plan view horizontally or vertically.

You can use the Spin tool to re-orient your design in any direction. Spinning your design allows you to view it from any angle.

Use the Pan tool to move your design within the Design windowClosed.

Use the Zoom tool to display your design closer or farther away in the Design windowClosed. You can zoom the design to fill the Design windowClosed, zoom into an area, or zoom in or out a preset amount.

Use the View tool to display a trimetric or isometric view of your design. You can also display a head-on view of the top, bottom, front, back, right, or left side.

Use the Snap View tool to display a head-on view of a face. You can also use the tool to "throw" the highlighted face to the top, bottom, right, or left by dragging it toward the edge of the Design windowClosed.

Use the Rotate tool to rotate your design 90 degrees in the plane of the screen. You can rotate your design clockwise or counterclockwise.

Use the Next and Previous arrows (or left/right arrows on your keyboard, or browser next/previous buttons) to change your view to the previous or next orientations.

Orient modes

When you click the SpinClosed, PanClosed, and Zoom tools, they stay enabled until you click them again, press Esc, or click another tool.

Undoing and redoing views

You can undo and redo views using the Previous ViewClosed and Next ViewClosed tools on the status bar. You can also use the left and right arrow keys, or any system-defined browser forward or back method such as special keyboard buttons.

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