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Stitching adjacent faces


The Stitch tool combines surface part faces that are touching at their edges. When the merged faces form a closed surface, a solid is automatically created. You can use this tool to repair multiple surface parts that are in separate components. Coincident faces are detected and removed before Stitch merges surfaces into a single body.



To stitch faces together

  1. (Optional) Select one or more surface parts or a components.

    Selecting objects before starting the tool will limit the tool's results to those objects.

    If you select a component, all surface parts in the component that have touching faces will be merged.

  2. Click Stitch in the Solidify group on the Repair tab.

    The edges of faces that can be merged are highlighted.

  3. (Optional) Change the Maximum distance in the Options panelClosed to adjust the distance between parts that are automatically detected.

  4. Select the Check for coincidence checkbox to find any edges or planes that are coincidental to each other.

  5. Click the highlighted faces that you want to merge.

    The faces are merged when you click on them.

  6. (Optional) Click the Select Geometry tool guide to select faces that were not automatically detected.

  7. Click Complete to merge all highlighted faces.

Tool guides

The following tool guides help step you through the process:


The Select Problem tool guide is active by default. This tool guide allows you to select and fix problem areas that are automatically found by the tool.

The Select Geometry tool guide allows you to select faces that were not automatically found. Hold Ctrl to select multiple objects or box select in the design area.

The Exclude Problem tool guide allows you to exclude areas from selection and fixing.

The Complete tool guide merges the highlighted faces.


The following options are available:

Maximum distance

The maximum distance between faces that is automatically detected by the tool.

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