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Appearance options
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You can adjust DesignSpark Mechanical's appearance, such as its menu bar style and color schemes. This options page also contains placeholder elements for future color customization options.

To set color options

  1. Select DesignSpark Mechanical Options from the Application menu to display the DesignSpark Mechanical Options window.

  2. Click Appearance in the navigation panel on the left.

  3. Modify the options on the page.

  4. Click OK to save all your changes and close the window.


Ribbon style: Choose between Fluent (Office 2007) or Scenic (Office 2010) style ribbon bar styles.With the Scenic style, the File menu provides a Recent menu item, which displays Recent Documents (lists the name and location of all recently opened files) and Recent Places (lists a history of all recently visited folders).

Color scheme: Select Silver, Blue, Black, or Custom Color from the menu.

Reset Docking Layout: Click this button to return the layout of the docking panels and DesignSpark Mechanical windows to their original locations.


Design color scheme: Select a color scheme from the menu. This option controls the color scheme used in the Design window. You can choose between two pre-set color schemes: White Background or Black Background. Elements displayed in the design area will change to colors that work well for the background color.

You can change the colors for other elements. Click the color next to an individual element and choose a new color from the drop-down. Select colors from the Custom, Web, or System palettes.

Click Reset to change all the colors back to the DesignSpark Mechanical defaults.

Highlight and Select scheme: Select a scheme from the drop-down menu. Classic and Default cannot be modified. Custom allows you to modify color options to create your own scheme. Use Ctrl+Shift+H to toggle through schemes in the following order: Classic; Default; Custom.

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