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Copying edges and faces


You can copy edges and faces by selecting the PullClosed tool's ExtrudeClosed EdgeClosed option. You can also copy edges and faces with the Move tool.

When copying and pasting the edge of a surface as a curve or line, the lines are placed on the active layer and remain selected until you clear the selection. This feature is useful if you need references to rebuild a surface.

To copy an edge or edges

  1. Click PullClosed in the Edit group on the DesignClosed tab.

  2. Select the edge or edges you want to copy. Double-click to select a chain of edges.

  3. Select the Copy EdgeClosed option in the Options panelClosed or from the mini-toolbar.

    You can also Ctrl+drag with the Pivot EdgeClosed or ExtrudeClosed edge options selected to copy the edge.

    The PullClosed arrow changes to show the two directions in which you can create copies of the edge. One arrow is highlighted to show the primary direction.

  4. If the arrow pointing the direction in which you want to copy the edge is not highlighted, click the arrow or press Tab to change the direction.

  5. Drag the edge in the direction of the highlighted PullClosed arrow.

    During the pull, the distance between the copied edge and the new edge is displayed. When you create an external edge, a surface is created between the copied edge and the new one.

Press Ctrl and drag to copy the selected face.

Copying mesh edges

When you Copy and Paste mesh edges, the result is a polyline.


Copying edges to create new edges on a face


When copying an edge, the edge adjusts based on the solid's geometry


Copying a round face

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