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Drafting faces


You can draft faces around a plane or another face, edge, or surface with the PullClosed tool. Drafting changes the angle of the selected contiguous faces. For example, a mold designer drafts faces to facilitate removal of parts from the mold.



To draft a face

  1. (Optional) Insert a plane around which you want to draft faces.

    You need to do this when you want to draft around a plane that doesn't already exist as geometry in the design.

  2. Click PullClosed in the Edit group on the DesignClosed tab. The Select tool guide on the right side of the Design windowClosed should be active.

  3. Select the face or contiguous faces you want to draft.

  4. Alt+click the plane, face (including rounds), or surface about which you want to draft. When using a surface as a neutral plane, you can select the surface in the Structure Tree.

    You can also select the DraftClosed tool guide , then click the face or surface. The draft plane, face, or surface is shown in blue.

    Tip: When you need to select more than one face or surface for the Alt-reference (or after selecting the DraftClosed tool guide) then you have to hold the Ctrl and the Alt keys while selecting the additional references.

    If you select one edge loop, you can create an edge-driven draft. If you select two edge loops, you can create a split draft.

  5. Click and drag in the direction of the PullClosed arrow to draft the selected faces.

    To dimension the draft, type the rotation angle while you are pulling and press Enter.




The following options are available in the PullClosed tool. Once you select the edge or face to pull, select these options from the Options panelClosed, or right-click and select them from the mini-toolbar:




Drafting a face about a round.



Drafting non-contiguous faces.



Drafting around a plane that does not touch the faces being drafted.



Drafting faces around a plane. The drafted faces pivot around the face or plane you select as the draft plane.



Drafting both sides around the plane.



Drafting a face where a plane must be selected as the draft plane. See Inserting a plane for instructions to create a plane.



Drafting the offset faces (inside and the outside) of a shelled solid.



Drafting around a spline surface with the DraftClosed both sides option selected



Drafting a set of surfaces about a planar surface not attached to the solid



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