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Flythrough is a display mode intended to give you the impression you are inside the model looking around.

When setting up a flythrough mode, typically the screen is split with one viewport to show the camera position and one for flying through.

To flythrough your design

  1. Click the Show Camera Options button in the Display tab

  2. Click the button to activate Flythrough in Viewport 1
  3. In the Flythrough viewport, spin and zoom to fly through the model
  4. (Optional) Open a second viewport to control the camera position or trajectory.

To position the camera

  1. Click the Identify Viewport button to show viewport numbers
  2. In the Options PanelClosed, click the Show Camera button
  3. Choose a viewport for the camera in the Show Camera dialog box
  4. (Optional) Adjust the Width or Height of the camera film
  5. (Optional) In the camera viewport, position the camera using the MoveClosed tool

To move the camera with the Move tool

  1. Turn the Camera ON in a viewport
  2. Turn Flythrough ON in another viewport
  3. Enter the MoveClosed tool
  4. Select a part of the camera to move. Referring to the image below, you can select either the Sight LineClosed (light blue line), TargetClosed End (blue dot), or Camera End (green dot).

  5. Use the MoveClosed Handle to position the camera
  6. Moving the green dot moves the Camera End. The TargetClosed End remains fixed as if you are walking around the TargetClosed End while keeping your eyes pointed at the TargetClosed End.
  7. Moving the blue dot moves the TargetClosed End while maintaining the Camera End position. This has the effect of moving the object in space while keeping the Camera fixed (like moving the object while keeping your eyes pointed at the camera).
  8. Moving the Sight LineClosed moves the Camera as a whole
  9. Use the Up To tool guide to attach the camera to selected geometry

To move the camera along a predefined tragectory

With the Camera attached to a curve, you can use the MoveClosed Along TrajectoryClosed tool guide to move the camera along a predetermined path.

  1. Select the Sight LineClosed to MoveClosed
  2. Click the Up To tool guide
  3. Select the curve endpoint

  4. Orient the camera to establish the viewing direction

  5. Click the MoveClosed Along TrajectoryClosed tool guide
  6. Select the curve

  7. Start dragging along the curve

  8. The camera follows the curve and the view direction moves accordingly

  9. Continue dragging until the end of the curve

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