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You can create a group from any set of selected objects. When storing Ruler DimensionsClosed for the PullClosed or MoveClosed tool in a group, keep in mind the following list of other information that will be stored in the group.

For example, insofar as Group creation goes, a MoveClosed tool can be anchored to an edge of a face and oriented in a direction. This stores the selection, the edge, and the orientation direction. Subsequently, a selected axis of the MoveClosed handle can have a ruler dimension to a dimension reference. This stores the MoveClosed handle axis and the ruler dimension. Any re-invocation of this group will attempt to re-setup the tool, the selection, any options, and ruler dimensions, according to how the group was saved.


When using groups to store MoveClosed and PullClosed operations as described above, choose references appropriate to your design intent and the likelihood of any of the required references being present on re-invocation.


You can use groups in combination with the DS Mechanical API to change these parameters, or use them as a way to indicate to others your design intentions about which sort of changes you expect them to make to your design.


GroupsClosed can be saved for the root part or for its children. To change the scope at which groups are displayed, select Root Part or Active Part in the drop-down list near the top of the GroupsClosed panel. This allows you to see groups that are in children components without opening the component in another window.

Importing Groups from External Components

GroupsClosed in external components of an assembly do not show up at the Root Part level of the assembly. Because they are not visible at the Root Part level, they do not automatically get exposed in ANSYS. You can import groups from external components by doing the following:

External component groups will now be exposed in ANSYS.

Keep in mind the following:

Driving dimensions and Named selections

When you select an object with a dimension property, you have the option of creating a Driving DimensionClosed group. These groups are added to the Driving DimensionsClosed folder. Driving dimensions include offset distance (faces with an offset relationship), round radius, and ruler dimensions. You can change the dimension in the groups panel, and the geometry will change. These saved groups can be used for API-driven modification and can be sent to ANSYS.

You may choose to create a Named Selection group whether or not a dimension property exists. If a dimension property is not available, you may create only a Named Selection group. These groups allow you to save selection sets to easily recall them.

To create a Named Selection group

  1. Select any set of 3D objects.

  2. Click Create NS in the GroupsClosed panel or press Ctrl+G.

    The group appears in the Named Selections list with the default name. Click in white space to accept the default, or start typing to rename the group.

    Mouse over the group to highlight the objects in the group and click the group to select them. Properties and other information, such as the selected axis for the last MoveClosed rotation, are saved with the group.

Working with the Groups tree

ClosedTo create a coaxial group
ClosedTo edit a driving dimension
ClosedTo reattach a round
ClosedTo explode a group
ClosedTo delete a named group
ClosedTo merge two or more named groups
ClosedTo rename a named group
ClosedTo replace objects in a named group
ClosedTo add objects to a named group
ClosedTo subtract objects from a named group

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