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You can change the shortcut keys for standard views and create your own custom views to save settings for object orientation and visibility.

User-created views will not auto-scale when they are moved.

Clicking the Name column header in the Views panel toggles through ascending, descending, and user defined order.


To change view shortcut keys

  1. Select the ViewClosed tab in the Structure panel.

  2. Select a shortcut key combination in the Shortcut drop-down list for the view you want to change.

To add a custom view

  1. Position the view in the design window as you want it saved.

  2. Select the ViewClosed tab in the Structure panel.

  3. Click Create ViewClosed at the top of the panel.
  4. Select from the following options:

  5. Click OK.

    Your custom view is added to the ViewClosed tool menu.

To apply a custom view

You can change the current view to a custom view in the following ways:

ClosedTo replace a custom view
ClosedTo rename a custom view
ClosedTo edit custom view properties
ClosedTo delete a custom view

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