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Pivoting edges


You can pivot the edge of any solid with the PullClosed tool's Pivot EdgeClosed option. You can also pivot two separate edges together when pulling in one direction.

To turn a cylinder into a cone, select the PullClosed tool and the Pivot EdgeClosed option. Then click the edge of the cylinder and pull it until it forms a point. To turn a truncated cone into a cylinder, click the small edge and pull it out.


To pivot an edge

  1. Select the PullClosed tool in the Edit group on the DesignClosed tab.

    The Select tool guide is enabled by default.

  2. Select the edge or edges you want to pivot. Double-click to select a tangent chain or edge loop.

  3. Select the Pivot EdgeClosed option in the Options panelClosed, or from the mini-toolbar.

    The PullClosed arrow changes to show the two directions in which you can move the edge to pivot the connected faces. One arrow is highlighted to show the primary direction.

  4. If the arrow pointing in the direction you want to pull is not highlighted, click the arrow or press Tab.

  5. Drag the edge in the direction of the PullClosed arrow.

    During the pull, the distance you have moved the edge is displayed. You can dimension the distance in SectionClosed and 3D mode, and dimension the angle in Section modeClosed.

    You can hold Shift to snap to existing geometry.


Pivoting multiple edges

Simultaneously pivoting multiple edges.



Pivoting two separate edges together when pulling in one direction.




Dimensioning the pivot angle.

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