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Quick access toolbar options


The Quick Access toolbar (QAT) is located on the title bar. The Ribbon is the menu bar that contains all the tools in groups. You can add or remove tools from this toolbar and control the placement and display of the Ribbon.

To customize the Quick Access toolbar

  1. Click next to the Quick Access toolbar.

  2. Select any items you want to appear in the toolbar.

  3. (Optional) Select Place Quick Access ToolbarClosed below the Ribbon to create a separate toolbar on the DS Mechanical interface.

  4. Select Customize Quick Access ToolbarClosed to display the DS Mechanical options window. (Any changes you made in the previous steps are saved automatically.)

    You can also select DS Mechanical Options from the File menu and click Customize.

  5. Select the ribbon group that contains the tool you want to include in the QAT from the Choose commands from drop-down menu.

  6. Click the tool you want to include and click Add.

    Select a tool and click Remove to remove it from the QAT.

  7. Click OK.

To temporarily minimize the ribbon bar

Double-click the name of the active tab or press Ctrl+F1. Double-click a tab or press Ctrl+F1 again to restore the ribbon bar.

To keep the ribbon bar minimized

  1. Click next to the Customize Quick Access toolbar.

  2. Select Minimize the Ribbon to hide the ribbon when you are working in the Design windowClosed.

    To use the ribbon while it is minimized, click a tab to display the ribbon bar temporarily.

To restore the ribbon bar

  1. Click next to the Customize Quick Access toolbar.

  2. Select Maximize the Ribbon.

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