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The SpaceClaim interface


SpaceClaim ’s graphical user interface (GUI) was designed to conform (within reason) to Microsoft Vista standards and contains the toolbars, buttons, and windows associated with a Vista-compliant graphical application. As a result, only those features of the GUI that relate to performing SpaceClaim -specific tasks are explained in this guide. We assume, for example, that you are familiar with standard Windows conventions, such as dragging a window’s title bar to move the window, or clicking the close button to close the window.

To take advantage of the full range of SpaceClaim features, we recommend using SpaceClaim with a scroll wheel mouse or with a 3D Connexion SpaceBall or SpaceNavigator. However, SpaceClaim is also fully operational with a laptop's touchpad and integrated mouse buttons. You can use the nub as a scroll wheel, and configure the laptop so that pressing both buttons simultaneously behaves the same as pressing a middle mouse button.

This image shows the major interface elements in the SpaceClaim application:



The panels initially appear along the left side of the application window. You can dock and detach these panels.


Customizing the ribbon background image

You can override the ribbon background image with the following command line options:

For example:

SpaceClaim.exe/RibbonImage=c:\temp\img.png /RibbonImageLocation=Left


The image needs to be 52 pixels in height. The width can vary and you may have to experiment.


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