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Editing with annotation dimensions


You can use 3D annotation dimensions to change your design using the PullClosed and MoveClosed tools. AnnotationClosed dimensions can be used in combination with ruler dimensions.

To view a video tutorial on this topic, see Tutorial: Annotation Dimensions on the DS Mechanical web site.


To use 3D annotation dimensions with the Pull or Move tool

  1. Click PullClosed or MoveClosed in the Edit group on the DesignClosed tab.

  2. Select the objects you want to pull or move. You can select an edge, face, point, or surface.

  3. If you are using the MoveClosed tool, select a direction on the Move handle.

  4. Click the spark icon next to the dimension you want to use to drive the change. The icon turns yellow when you hover over it with your mouse, as shown in the image above.

    The dimension field can be edited when you click on the spark icon.

    These icons appear when you use a tool that can be used with annotation dimensions to drive changes. The annotation dimension must be associated with the face, edge, or point you want to change.

    If you are using the MoveClosed tool and you don't see the spark icons, you need to select a direction on the MoveClosed handle or you must create a ruler dimension. You get more predictable results if you re-anchor the MoveClosed handle to the appropriate face, edge, or point.

  5. Type a new dimension and press Enter.

    The objects you selected will change based on the dimension.

    If the dimension you change isn't associated with the objects you selected, nothing will change and you will see an error message in the Status area on the lower right side of the DS Mechanical window.

    If the tool can't make the change in the direction that the PullClosed or MoveClosed handle points toward, then it will try to make the change in the opposite direction to achieve the dimension you enter.


Selecting a dimension with the PullClosed tool active



Selecting a dimension with the MoveClosed tool active. You must select a direction on the MoveClosed handle before you can select a dimension.



Changing the value of the dimension field



Using an angular dimension to PullClosed a face with a revolve axis set



Using a linear dimension to offset a face with PullClosed



Using a linear dimension to change the angle of a face with MoveClosed

NoteClosed: We re-anchored the MoveClosed tool to the lower, horizontal edge of the face



Pulling with a radial dimension on a face that is offset with another cylindrical face; also works when you select both radial faces without an offset relation

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