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Customizing DS Mechanical


You can customize DS Mechanical to best suit your working style. Most customization is done on the DS Mechanical options window, accessible from the File menu.

To customize DS Mechanical

  1. Select DS Mechanical Options from the File menu to display the DS Mechanical Options window.

  2. Click the type of option you want to set from the navigation panel on the left.

    You can use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the left panel.

  3. Modify the options on the page.

  4. Click OK to save all your changes and close the window.

If you try to enter a value that is out of the allowed range in the Options panelClosed or the DS Mechanical Options dialog, you will see a red exclamation mark icon next to the field. You can hover over the icon to see a tooltip that will explain the valid values for the option.

Option types

You can set the following option types:



Change your startup options, application interface, application performance (speed vs. graphics quality), and customize the tools that are displayed while you are working in the Design windowClosed.


Change options for annotations and drawing sheets.


Change the appearance of the DS Mechanical application window.


Change the selection options.


Change the objects snapped to while you are sketching and editing solids.


Set the units for dimensions, the sketch grid, and text height.


Change the keyboard/mouse actions used for common navigation tasks.


Modify how your design changes are displayed in the Design windowClosed, whether tools and hints are displayed, enable background loading, change the language, customize the SpinClosed, Select, and Undo tools, reset the layout of the panels, and adjust the license warning.

File Options

Set options for various file types.

Support Files

Specify Recovery Assistant Parameters, for design file backups.


Add or remove tools and commands from the Quick Access toolbar.


ViewClosed and activate DS Mechanical licenses.

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